The Ultimate Seeker

Transforming Darkness Retreat


The Awakening of the Buddha –

Walk hand in hand with the Buddha through his story of awakening into the reality of spiritual liberation.

August 9-16, 2023

There is a deeper reason why a silent retreat can serve as a stepping stone towards a new level of consciousness and spiritual awakening.

Instead of getting caught up in endless details, we direct our entire being inward.

For an entire week, we dedicate ourselves solely to eternity, gradually sinking deeper into silence each day.

As time passes, thoughts become mere ripples in a room of eternal silence. They arise in the silence and dissolve back into it. It is within this silence that our true nature can reveal itself to us.

Every word spoken by Shai emerges from this silence, beckoning us to dive even deeper.

This is the essence. Step by step, we open ourselves to the reality of spiritual awakening.

A week of timelessness can be likened to a new birth. Everything is carefully designed to support your journey of inner liberation – profound silence, nourishing nature, whole foods optimized for the process, gentle and invigorating yoga, and the original meditations taught by the Buddha himself – among other offerings.

The gates of awakening are wide open.

Let’s walk through them together.

As a participant of the current 21-Day Challenge with Shai, you will receive a discount of 40€ on the retreat price if you book by 07/27.

To get the discount, just enter the code “Resilience40” in the “other” field of the booking form.