Shai Tubali, Ph.D. and Esther Theruvel

Summer Silence Retreat 2024


Summer Retreat 2024

Awaken Your True Self: A Journey of Yoga, Self-Discovery, and Spiritual Awakening, guided by Patanjali’s ancient Yoga Sutras.

August 15–22, 2024,  SEINZ Wisdom Resort, Germany



Experience through asanas, pranayama, and Kriya Yoga the union of body and mind.


Letting go

Inspiring talks, organic vegan wholefoods, nourishing nature, healing silence.



Immerse yourself in the deepest core of yoga with Patanjali. Discover the boundlessness of your true nature.


Escape the Noise

Discover who you truly are in the depths of silence

In an age where the pace of life seems to accelerate with each passing day, many of us find ourselves trapped in a cycle of stress, anxiety, and disconnection. Our minds are cluttered with endless to-do lists, our bodies tense with the strain of constant demands, and our spirits dulled by the noise of modern life. We yearn for a pause, a space to breathe, to reconnect with our inner selves, and to find clarity amidst the chaos. Yet, the path to such tranquility and self-discovery often seems just out of reach.

Introducing “The Essence of Yoga” retreat—a sanctuary where the ancient wisdom of yoga illuminates the path to inner peace, health, and profound self-awareness.


Yoga means “Union”. The asanas known from Hatha Yoga are just one component of a holistic system of spiritual enlightenment. Yoga is the art of stilling the mind in order to facilitate self-realisation.

Nestled in a serene natural setting, this retreat offers a unique opportunity to step away from the noise and demands of daily life, inviting you into a world where the mind quiets, the body revitalizes, and the spirit awakens.

This is the invitation of the Essence of Yoga Retreat with Shai Tubali, Ph.D.

The Supreme Yoga

A Complete Path to Enlightenment

You are invited to leave the stream of time and stress behind for a full week and let go fully into the timeless silence of your true nature. Who are you behind your to-do’s, your social mask, and your collected memories?

Yoga, or union, is the cessation of the movements of the thinking mind for the time being in order to feel “who am I”. Yoga is the art of stilling the mind in order to facilitate self-realisation. In this sense, we will dive into supreme yoga. Based on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, we are moving along the different levels of yoga, from the supreme yoga, which will be explicated and illuminated through the morning discourse. We will practice Hatha Yoga to bring the body back into balance. Pranayama is to unify body and mind through breathing techniques.


Another essential element is our daily Kriya yoga. Kriya yoga is the secret Kundalini teachings that enable us, through visualisations of the subtle body and the chakras, forms of breathing, mantras, and physical positions, to powerfully stimulate and awaken the spiritual force of Kundalini. 

In this sense, we are turning yoga into a living practice, encompassing all aspects of our being, aimed at self-realisation and Kundalini awakening. It is, however, not intended for advanced learners. This retreat is suitable for beginners and can be a fresh start to an awakened life. All this will be supported by meditation in nature, silent sitting, and organic, vegan whole foods.

Mindfulness - A Practice of Enlightenment


Letting go into silence and Self-Realization



Deepened Self-Awareness

You will embark on an introspective journey that deepens your self-awareness. This can lead to profound insights into your life’s purpose, desires, and your true nature. 

Mental Clarity and Peace

The journey will lead the mind from stress and mental clutter, to dee silence and inner peace. This enhances your well-being, and enables to feel fully alive again.

Physical Health and Vitality

The practices enhance the functioning of the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and hormonal systems, contributing to overall vitality and well-being.

Spiritual Awakening

The retreat offers a unique opportunity to explore and experience spiritual growth. This journey can lead to a greater sense of connectedness with oneself, others, and the universe.

Awakening of Kundalini Energy

The retreat includes practices that support a save awakening of Kundalini energy. This experience can lead to heightened states of consciousness and a profound sense of inner joy and fulfillment.

Connection with Nature

Activities such as forest bathing immerse you in the natural world, fostering a deep connection with nature. This reduces stress, and improves the overall well-being.

Experienced guidance

Being a rare Kundalini Master and an avid researcher of consciousness, Shai Tubali, Ph.D., combines his direct experience with his deep philosophical understanding and more than 20 years of teaching experience.

Integrating the liberating experience

The retreat not only provides a transformative experience while you are there but also equips you with practices and insights to integrate into your daily life. Ideally this will be only a starting point, into a new life.


This is what enthusiastic participants say


Chief Executive Officer, Mobius Executive Leadership

"Dr. Shai Tubali is one of the great master teachers of our generation."
To have the Grace to study the texts and teachings alongside the receiving of his transmission of the mystical intentions of these works takes one on a rare initiatory process and offers a precious blessing for the journey of the Soul. Dr. Shai Tubali is one of the great master teachers of our generation. A brilliant mind, a pristine awakened consciousness, and a vastly loving heart enable him to decipher, transmit and induct the very soul of these wisdom teachings. To have the Grace to study alongside his transmission of these works is an initiatory process and a precious blessing. A true trustworthy resource for cultivating presence, peace and illumination.


Coach and facilitator of the Work

"Shai's presence, his processes and his enlightened answers to your questions will leave you feeling transformed."
If you’re looking for a silent retreat that nourishes, enlightens, and creates a lasting difference, I highly recommend one with Shai Tubali and his team. Held in the most tranquil settings, Shai’s presence, his processes and his enlightened answers to your questions will leave you feeling transformed.
I’m so grateful Shai has chosen to share his wisdom and scholarly knowledge with us. His books, satsangs and courses are a great contribution to humanity.
Viv Saf


Literary scholar

"It is a wonderful intimate journey to one's Self."
“It is a wonderful intimate journey to one’s Self.”
A Retreat with Shai Tubali is a wonderful intimate journey to one’s Self.

Bathing in Shai’s pure Energy, we are cleansing and purifying ourselves – like in a bath of Light.

Especially his powerful Life-Force-Meditations let us experience the Unity we are – since I am sure that there are no real boundaries between us – that we are all this flowing Life-Energy.

Really, that gives such happiness!

In the time between the meetings with Shai, we can walk in beautiful landscapes, Yoga-exercises are proposed, Dynamic Meditation – and last not least, we have delicious vegan food.

So, I’m really grateful that I can participate in this new Retreat 2024, thank you for organizing such beautiful events!

Liliane Meier

Yoga Teacher

"My personal transformation process was an immense opening to the inner source."

“My personal transformation process was an immense opening to the inner source.

This connectedness, from which I can draw at any time in order to give, is probably the most sacred thing I have realised. I have experienced so much peace in my being that emotions no longer take up so much space. I react much more calmly and clearly when a storm breaks in from the outside. Decisions are no longer based on offended ego, but in compassion and peace.

I would definitely recommend this training. This training is key and there is probably no one who could not use this kind of healing. Especially now in this time when there is a global awakening going on.”

Dr. Nir Brosh

Medical Doctor, Meditation Teacher

"It is a haven for true seekers of truth and transformation."

“The meditation retreats with Shai Tubali had been one of the greatest engines of true spiritual transformation for me, combining profound spiritual wisdom, with crystal clear guidance, imbued with depth and inspiration. Shai is a true master of spirit, and the atmosphere in the retreats is highly supportive and well thought through- it is evident that every little detail is taken into consideration, in order to create a highly transformative and empowering spiritual field. It is a haven for true seekers of truth and transformation.”

Franziska Schneider

Web Designer, Transformational Coach

"This Universe is unbelievable and full of miracles – and so is this retreat! "
“After a meditation I had the gift to sink deep into the intimacy of my true essence, losing all boundaries and merging with a happiness which was so unconditional and nourishing that no words can describe it.

This Universe is unbelievable and full of miracles – and so is this retreat!

Thank you with all of my heart for all the Love!”

Konstantinos Schiffmann

"The summer retreat prepares every participant to a possible spiritual awakening, which has happened to me several times during the retreats."

A summer retreat with the enlightened Kundalini Master Shai Tubali is an extraordinary opportunity to merge into the essence of deep silence. To be in silence is more than calming down from the stress of our high demanding and overactive postmodern society. Beyond the psycho-somatic regeneration the subtle energetic systems are stimulated, which leads to unblocking energy blockages and enables it’s free flow from in- and outside to the body-mind-complex.

Satsang, guided meditations, body work, creative writing, music, dance and walks in nature etc. support this process. The summer retreat prepares every participant to a possible spiritual awakening, which has happened to me several times during the retreats. Spiritual awakening is often expressed though strong, even overwhelming feelings of love, compassion, devotion, serenity, bliss, freedom and oneness. One peak experience was merging with the abyss of divinity where oneness can be felt as an orgiastic ecstasy. For me the retreats with Shai Tubali are life changing. Life has gained a new meaning and the sense for beauty has been sharpened. A non-reversible and ongoing process of development and integration has been initiated. I just can express my gratitude and recommend to every interested person to try this wonderfully life changing opportunity. 

With love

Petra Rosarius

"The summer retreat prepares every participant to a possible spiritual awakening, which has happened to me several times during the retreats."
Since 2018 I am participating in the silence retreats with Shai Tubali. And also in 2023 I am joyfully commited to participate! Shai’s way of spiritual teaching and accompanying is a great mix of wisdom and down-to-earth learning. As a result, many experiences from the Silence Retreat outlast the everyday life. With every retreat, a piece of retreat comes home and does not fade like in many other events, where the reality of everyday life demands its supposed price. Silence,
to be with me, to have nothing to do – a luxury that actually represents no luxury, but lived energy and meaningful action. I am looking forward to my 6th Retreat this year !!!


In the retreat we will learn:


At the heart of our retreat lies the understanding that yoga is more than physical postures; it is the cessation of the movements of the thinking mind, a pause on the incessant chatter to reveal the answer to the eternal question: “Who am I?” Through this exploration, we invite you to experience the art of self-realisation and the serenity of a stilled mind.

Our carefully curated program is designed to illuminate the path of yoga in its entirety. Begin your mornings with enlightening discourses on the supreme yoga, shedding light on its deeper essence and guiding you towards an awakening.

Supreme Yoga

Enlightening morning discourses on the supreme yoga, shedding light on its deeper essence, and guiding you towards an awakening.

Hatha Yoga & Pranayama

Unifying body and mind through asanas and breathing techniques.

Kriya Yoga

The secret Kundalini teachings that powerfully stimulate and awaken the spiritual force of Kundalini and allow quantum leaps in our experience and understanding.

Inner Cave of the Heart

This meditation heals the heart profoundly. It allows us to tap into the innermost layer of the heart, which is a source of great, indestructible power and a gate to spiritual realization.

Forest Bathing

Meditation in deep nature, surrounded by mountains, trees, and a small river.

Silent Sitting & Satsang

Evening talks where we can submit questions to clarify and further our experience.

Power of Silence

We will immerse ourselves in silence, which will enable a process of purification and the gradual expansion of consciousness.

Supportive Environment

Every detail is meant to gradually re-balance and awaken all layers of your human experience. Besides the abundance of practices, this includes nourishing vegan-bio-health foods.

About The Venue

SEINZ Wisdom Resort

On an idyllic estate in the Ammergau Alps.
A place for conscious living and finding your own wisdom.
Where stillness, life, and change are tangible.
And where the focus is on each person and their own story.

Seminarzentrum Chlotisberg
Seminarraum Schwung Achtsamkeit Sitzkissen
Seminarzentrum Chlotisberg
Seminarzentrum Chlotisberg
Seminarraum Schwung Achtsamkeit Sitzkissen
Seminarzentrum Chlotisberg

philosopher and spiritual teacher

Shai Tubali, Ph.D.

As an avid researcher of consciousness, Shai blends academic philosophy and mysticism to explore the transformative power of expanded consciousness. His journey delves deep into how these states shape not only individual lives but also humanity’s present and future. Integrating Eastern and Western philosophies, he offers comprehensive insights into the nature and potential of consciousness.

Holding a doctorate in the philosophy of religion from the University of Leeds, Shai is also a research fellow at its Arts and Humanities Research Institute. His academic works include the publication of “The Transformative Philosophical Dialogue” (Springer, 2023), which showcases his scholarly perspective on consciousness. As the author of several books on inner transformation, he shares his insights widely. Since 2000, he has been guiding workshops, retreats, and professional trainings, impacting countless individuals. He actively engages in programs focusing on emotional maturity, human intelligence evolution, and mystical evolution, blending transformative knowledge with proven methods. His passion has led to the creation of numerous original methods for psychological transformation, including the medically researched Expansion Method.

Shai Tubali meditating

Shai Tubali celebrating the release of his book “Complete Book of Meditation” by honoring the Buddha – the greatest meditation teacher the world has ever known. 

Yoga and pranayama teacher

Esther Theruvel

Esther Theruvel is a very experienced teacher with a deep understanding of the human body, the subtle body, and the depths of yoga philosophy, which she has been studying and teaching for over 30 years.
Her many loyal students and yoga teachers praise her for her deep insight into the chakra system. 
At the age of 14, she traveled with her father to India, where she was introduced to the various teachings of yoga by her master, Swami Shyan, at the I.M.I. (International Meditation Institute) in the Himalayas. She later studied there for five years. Back in Switzerland, she decided to teach her knowledge and experience in individual and group classes. 
Among other things, she has been working as a lecturer at the Yoga Pyramide Savitar in Chur in collaboration with the Yoga University Villeret since 2016. Esther Theruvel teaches hatha yoga as it is taught in the Sivananda and Satyananda traditions, but she always allows herself to be enriched and inspired by the diversity of the yoga world in her further education courses. Her teaching is characterized by her deep knowledge and embodied experience, as well as a pinch of humor and lightness.

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How You Can Participate


August 15-22, 2024


The retreat begins at 18:00 with a group dinner. Arrival from 14:00.

The retreat ends on the last day at 14:00 after lunch.


Kurhausstr. 1
82433 Bad Kohlgrub.
Phone: +49 8845 970

Interactive Live Streaming

You can also participate online from home. The whole retreat will be streamed live via our interactive live broadcast platform.


Carlos Stickel
+49 178 5175 114


These are the prices for our retreat program with Shai Tubali:

  • in USD: 490 USD
  • in EUR: 480 Euro


The price for the room and food is paid directly to the hotel.

Register now to secure both your place and the early bird price.


Kurhausstr. 1
82433 Bad Kohlgrub.
Phone: +49 8845 970


The price for the accommodation is paid directly to the hotel. After booking the retreat with us you need to contact the hotel directly to choose your preferred accommodation option.

These are your room options:


Room option Price in EUR
Shared room 903
Double room 973
Double room superior 1.323
Single room 1.218
Single room superior 1.358

Camping is possible. Please contact the hotel directly for more details:



Join the Retreat Now

Participate live on-site with vegan organic menus that are designed to support the process of spiritual awakening. This package includes online access to all of the video-recordings.

  • Date: August 15-22, 2024 — Seven nights of full-board hospitality.
  • Three meals per day: a vegan, organic, energizing menu that is carefully designed to support the body’s processes.
  • Two inspiring and transformative talks per day focused on the experience of tantric enlightenment.
  • Hatha Yoga & Pranayama
  • Kriya Yoga that allows you to deepen the transformative experience.
  • Meditation in Nature.
  • Silent sitting.
  • The opportunity to ask questions in written form throughout the retreat, so you can be supported optimally in your individual process.
  • Instruction in English or with simultaneous translation into German.
  • No prior knowledge required.


  • in USD: 490 USD 
  • in EUR: 480 Euro 

+ Accomodation


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You have open questions?



I am not experienced/have only a little experience with meditation. Can I still join?
Yes, the retreat program is built in a way that is supportive for beginners and experienced participants alike. You do not need any prior experience in order to participate. The teachings and practices will take you as far as you can go and lead you, in a soft and structured way, to your full potential of transformation at that time.
What are the accomodation arrangements?
The retreat includes full-board hospitality. We offer a variety of sleeping options in the seminar hotel. The best way would be to contact the hotel directly to find out together with them which option is most suitable for your needs.
I am not sure if my English skills are good enough to understand everything.
The retreat will be guided in English, but we offer simultaneous German translation for anyone who is interested in that through personal high quality receivers and headphones. You can choose to listen in English, German, or both.
You have more question?

Please feel free to contact us. We are more than happy to get to know you and answer your questions!

Just write an email to:



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