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Winter Retreat 2023/2024

Passing through Death into Life

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December 29, 2023 – January 2, 2024, Online

Buddha Walking Meditation

Dive into one of the most profound scriptures about death as a gateway to spiritual liberation, and a path into life: The Tibetan Book of the Dead.


Dedicate the New Year to a deep letting go to be reborn from stillness and depth into the New Year, and a new Life.


Learning to fully face the reality of death is the biggest key to dealing with any form of change, and being truly alive.

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From Death to Life

A Profound New Year’s Eve Experienceg

There is something special about a new year. An old year ends; it dies so that a new year can come alive. What lies in the gap between the two?

This time is an invitation to let go of the old to make room for something new. It is a metaphor for the deepest kind of transformation – death and rebirth.

In Tibetan, the word for body is “Lü,” and it means “something you leave behind”; so every time “Lü” is said, it is a reminder that this life is impermanent, and we are only travelers. In our modern world, on the other hand, we have created a reality full of distractions in which there seems to be no death. This simultaneously robs us of the deeper meaning and mystical depth of life. We plan and prepare and wait – without ever really being alive.



Many traditions and mystical schools have viewed death as an opportunity for transformation and realization of the real.

Among the greatest creations devoted to this theme, the Tibetan Book of the Dead stands out. It guides us like a map through the intricacies of death and reveals a gateway of liberating transformation at its heart. A path into a new life.

This is an invitation to the Online Winter Retreat with Dr. Shai Tubali.

philosopher and spiritual teacher

Shai Tubali

Spiritual Teacher, Author and Philosopher – Shai is a prolific and renowned author, with 23 books published to date. His bestselling books have been translated into five languages and have won awards in Israel and the United States.

In his teachings Shai makes use of ancient mystical knowledge to enlighten our human experience. He believes that transcendent states of consciousness have the power to pour meaning, depth, order, and clarity into our deeply complex and sometimes troubled life. In his work, he aims to clarify the principle of psychological and spiritual transformation as much as possible.

Based on his own direct and ongoing revelation of cosmic consciousness since the age of 23, he is a pioneering figure in the field of self-transformation who has helped thousands of people to transform their lives in his many years of teaching around the world.

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December 29, 2023 – January 2, 2024


The retreat begins on December 29 at 19:00 CET and ends on January 2 at 14:00 CET


This is an online retreat that is broadcasted through our interactive live-stream.

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We charge 380 Euro for our retreat program with Shai Tubali.


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