[Video]  No Need to Silence the Mind

Transforming Darkness Retreat

Summer Retreat 2024

Awaken Your True Self: A Journey of Yoga, Self-Discovery, and Spiritual Awakening, guided by Patanjali’s ancient Yoga Sutras.

August 15–22, 2024,  SEINZ Wisdom Resort, Germany



Experience through asanas, pranayama, and Kriya Yoga the union of body and mind.


Letting go

Inspiring talks, organic vegan wholefoods, nourishing nature, healing silence.



Immerse yourself in the deepest core of yoga with Patanjali. Discover the boundlessness of your true nature.


Escape the Noise

Embrace Tranquility and Transformation with The Essence of Yoga

In an age where the pace of life seems to accelerate with each passing day, many of us find ourselves trapped in a cycle of stress, anxiety, and disconnection. Our minds are cluttered with endless to-do lists, our bodies tense with the strain of constant demands, and our spirits dulled by the noise of modern life. We yearn for a pause, a space to breathe, to reconnect with our inner selves, and to find clarity amidst the chaos. Yet, the path to such tranquility and self-discovery often seems just out of reach.

Introducing “The Essence of Yoga” retreat—a sanctuary where the ancient wisdom of yoga illuminates the path to inner peace, health, and profound self-awareness.


Yoga means “Union”. The asanas known from Hatha Yoga are just one component of a holistic system of spiritual enlightenment. Yoga is the art of stilling the mind in order to facilitate self-realisation.

Nestled in a serene natural setting, this retreat offers a unique opportunity to step away from the noise and demands of daily life, inviting you into a world where the mind quiets, the body revitalizes, and the spirit awakens.

This is the invitation of the Essence of Yoga Retreat with Shai Tubali, Ph.D.