What Yogananda Discover in the Himalayas

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There is an inspiring story from his autobiography that I would like to share with you, along with a gift.

This great 20th-century yogi was one of the first to bring yoga from India to the West. He became world-famous in particular for the energetic meditations of Kriya Yoga, which he described as the most direct path to true Self-Realization.

Even as a child, he was magically drawn to the Himalayan mountains.

And so he set out three times in his life to dedicate himself to renunciation and spiritual enlightenment.

The first time, as a child, he ran away from home with his two best friends and boarded a train to the Himalayas. However, his brother intercepted him at a station on the way, and the journey was over.

Years later, on his third journey, he finally met a true Yogi there, who ended his obsession with the Himalayas with just a few words:

“Young Yogi, what are you running away from? The Himalayas have no monopoly on God. What you do not try to find within, you cannot discover by moving your body to and fro.”

What Yogananda hoped to find in the mountains, he could ultimately only discover within himself. At the same time, there is something sublime about mountains; they radiate an unshakeability, stability, and stillness that can be fascinating.

And these *mountain qualities* bring us to today’s gift:

As a prelude to the summer retreat “The Essence of Yoga” with Shai Tubali, Ph.D., and Esther Theruvel, we want to share with you the powerful mountain meditation from a 21-day challenge.

It is ideal for developing an unshakeable presence and resilience within us. It is a good preparation for the retreat.